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100 Theme Challenge

Yu-Gi-Oh! 100 Themes Fiction Challenge
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Hey party people! Welcome to yami_no_fics, the Yu-Gi-Oh! 100 theme fiction challenge! This community was brought to you by the insperation from beat_of_destiny in all of it's brilliantness. <3

But here's how it goes. There are 100 themes, for 100 different fics. They don't need to be long fics, just enough to get the point across from the theme and the charecter/pairing/friendship. There is no time limit on when these fics need to be done.

.Stake a claim.

It's easy to stake a claim. Basically, pick as many (subject to change with notice) different charecters, pairings or friendships (or a mixture) as you want, to write about. Claim it, then go crazy! <3

Also, if you chose to claim it in the charecter's origional Japanese name or their dub name, that's the one you'll use for your fics. Like, if you were to claim Duke Devlin, you can't half way through the list decide you prefer to use Otogi Ryuji.

If you have an OC in an RPG, as of recently, we've decided to allow them as claims. Some of us are quite attached to our OCs so we thought we'd like to claim them. So now, you can claim your own characters!

.:Claim Here:.


Okay, so you have your character and/or pairing? Fantastic! So now, you pick up to four themes for your fic. (It can just be one or as many as four! Your choice!) And write away! Post in the community and share the love!

The themes can be found here .:100 Themes:.

The fic can be as long or as short as you want. It can be in any POV and be just about as crazy as you want! Just let your imagination go nuts!


Please use the following format:

Theme number and theme:
Warnings(if any):
Character or pairing:
Short summary:

Please place fiction under an lj cut. It makes life easy. <3


I don't have many rules, but, here's what I've got.

-Don't bash charecters, okay? There are certain charecters I don't like, but I won't over bash. You can exaggerate a bit, like, Anzu's friendship speeches can be a bit exaggerated, but don't go crazy. You could offend.
-Don't flame anyone. I'm very strict on this. If I catch you flaming, I'll give you one warning and then you're history.
-If ya get bored of your claim, that's totally fine. Just get in touch with me or my co-mods and we'll un-claim it. If you want, you're welcome to claim something new and start again. Just let us know, okay? If you drop a theme, someone could be waiting for it so if you don't want it, it's important to tell us!
-Anything goes. Any pairing, be it yaoi, yuri or het. It doesn't matter. Any rating goes as well. Just make sure you warn ahead of time!
-HAVE FUN!!! This is just for fun and should be treated as such!! Don't get all perfectionist like, or argue or flame. We're a family here! One big community of fic writers! Comment on each other's stuff and help each other improve! <3


If you see anyone breaking any of these rules, or if you have a question or a comment about anything that goes on here, feel free to contact one of us.
Bethany - fall_fromheaven (this is the LJ name I use to moderate, comment, ect ect.) or _sakura_petals_ (this is my writing LJ, so thats what I use to post my fics up under)
Thai - teardroppierrot (She's normal and only has one journal!)

That's about it!!

Lots of love!

Bethany and Thai